Galaxy Note 4 Poised to Help Samsung Regain its Drawing Power Back :: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumors, Speculations

Samsung’s attendance at IFA ensures that Samsung will launch its much-sought Galaxy Note 4 with a bang in Berlin, Germany. Korea Times stated that Galaxy Note 4 will be released on September 3, 2014 prior to the start of IFA. Keep in mind that IFA stands for Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, when translated to English language will bear International radio exhibition Berlin, which is also known as Berlin Radio Show. The IFA-Berlin is also considered as the biggest technology exhibition in Europe.

The reported date of release is quite mind blowing which comes so near with the iPhone 6 rumored release on September 12, 2014. Samsung will actually introduce two new phones, as boasted by the company executive few days ago. Nonetheless, the two phones will not be dangled out at the same time. The Note 4 will certainly have the spotlight among the two phones.

This 2013, in particular, the Note versions signifies the Korean company’s efforts to compete toe-and-nail with its leading competitors in the high-end smartphones niche and at the same time boost its profits. The sophisticated Note 4 could provide the shot in the arm the company badly needed. Experts anticipate that Samsung will go flat-out with the Note 4 in utilizing their cutting edge technology.

For the past three years Samsung had unleashed a series of Galaxy Notes at/or during IFA. The alleged specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will convey an attention-grabbing features and was hinted that Samsung may plunge in the health and fitness category. The Note 4 is predicted to be clad with an ultraviolet sensor, which can gauge UV radiation and warn users about the possible safety measures that can be whipped up with the aid of the S Health app. Another buzz says that the Note 4 will come with an eye scanner too.

Other amusing Android application package file(APKs)   that seeped out in the past include SmartSelfShot, which is well-suited for individuals who are fond of taking selfie pictures, and the restructured version of S Health. A fingerprint scanner APK also leaked in the Note 3, but the device comes out without the scanner. Nevertheless, if in case that Samsung will place a fingerprint scanner on its impressive Tab S range we can also anticipate the same too in Note 4.

Earlier this year Note 4 is rumored to have 2K display panel, a feature that is also anticipated with the Galaxy S5. Rumors about water-proof abilities and a20.1MP sensor for the Note 4 also spread out. One of the most popular rumors about the upcoming Note 4 is it will come with a bent or flexible display a technology which is now made possible under the Youm project. There are also rumors that the Note 4 will be available with a support for the Gear VR headset.

Apple controlled the pace of the game last year with its innovative TouchID. This time around, Samsung also endeavors to turn the table on their side with their novelty feature flexible or bent display.

On the processing speed front, the Note 4 is hypothesized to have an octa-core Exynos CPU or a Snapdragon 800-series SoC, that comes with a 4GB RAM. The company is also speculated to generate both variants and to have a global LTE coverage on Note 4.

Other Note 4 speculated features are the following: 128GB onboard storage, a newfangled handwriting-recognition technology for unlocking the device and a battery that range in the vicinity of 3600mAh to 3800mAh, which ample enough power to make the device itself usable all day long.


There are other speculations circulating from all over the place. Some may eventually become reality whilst others not.


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