Flappy Bird Is Back at least on Amazon’s Fire TV

The game that bowled over millions and millions of people from four corners of the world which paved the way for unending duplication and brought down by its maker for being too addictive, the wonderful Flappy Birds game is finally back at least on Amazon’s Fire TV.

Flappy Birds Family surprisingly made its way on Amazon Appstore yesterday,though it is not compatible with Android tablets and smartphones or in Amazon’s Fire range of portable devices, but it is only playable on the Amazon Fire TV set-top box, which can also be used as a gaming console.

The game description stated the Flappy Birds game is on Amazon Fire TV and it is bundled with awesome features such as person versus person mode and numerous obstacles for more fun and excitement. The description also added, enjoy playing the game with your loved ones while not breaking your TV set.

The release date and features of Flappy Birds Family are aligned with what the game maker Dong Nguyen of Vietnam had predicted last May, 2014. Nguyen vowed to come up with less addictive version of the game that is beefed up with multi-player support would be launched in August.

There is still smoke of confusion whether Flappy Birds will be rolled out once again on other platforms or if Amazon is compensating the game’s developer to have the game on Fire TV exclusively in order to promote it as wonderful gaming console.

Flappy Birds made its presence felt in the gaming industry and eventually carve out a niche as one of the hottest games in the world this year before it was pulled down by its maker. Though the game sports a raw graphics and even not original artwork, the game was a phenomenal hit and kept the experts perplexed on its unprecedented success.

The free game purportedly raked in millions revenue from in-game advertising before its creator took it down from the realms of the internet. This give rise to countless of Flappy Birds clones surfacing out with hopes to duplicate the success of the original version of the game.

For those who have Amazon’s Fire TV and intend to secure the game, enjoy playing it and see to it that you are not glued at it whole day long, rofl…


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