Kickstarter brings another project – “Gravia Tactics

In the news, Kickstarter’s “Gravia Tactics” is the game that everyone would love to play. It features a gritty, story-driven Tactical RPG with impressive battle mechanics, different exciting characters and a fun filled story that will take you through hell and back as you travel you way through all manner of hardship and hope.

Gravia Tactics is a mature fun filled game with a narrative driven Tactical Role-Playing Game. The game is designed for PC and focuses on small party mechanics, aiming for depth over breadth of gameplay. The great mechanism of game includes environmental debuffs,  position changing abilities,  chainable effects and customisable gear. Moreover the gameplay includes many other exciting features and mechanics. This game is for the players who enjoy exciting challenges,  bonus goals, and a fun filled experience it offers unique rewards in form of additional xp and rare items.

In the game the players have to deal with the enemies too. Bots are one the main type of enemies that the players will encounter in Gravia. These bots vary wildly in shape, size and attributes. They can be relatively harmless and diminutive utility models or they can be weaponised giants. Rogue bots can be extremely hazardous for travelers, the travelers roam the lands in search of motor sustaining fuel and their burnt out logic boards, which leads to erratic and aggressive behaviour which the player have to deal with.

In the game,  the players will also deal and fight with monsters. Only the hardiest and most powerful creatures can survive in Gravia and most of these are extremely dangerous and life taking. Kickstarter’s “Gravia Tactics” is not only about smashing rogue bots and dealing with enemies but its much more than that. The game have a vibrant, adventurou, fascinating and full of surprises world to explore. The gameplay is full of exciting features and provides a great game experience


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