Kickstarter’s Presents “Fritz” – An Amazing RPG

Kickstarter’s “Fritz” is a amazing RPG that features brutal combat. The game play is about First World War and the life in trench during the War. In the game the player plays the role of Fritz who is a German soldier and is fighting his way through the War. The game play almost comprises of daily life activities such as getting food, and talking to your soldiers, etc. In the game some attacks are sparse, but deadly and hard to tackle

The main features of the game is character building of both the Fritz and his comrades. Each of them differently shaped by interaction with others and the things they going through in the game play. The comrades in the game can die practically during the attacks. The longer they survive, the closer they get to Fritz. This also increases the chances of survival in the game.

Each play through of the game will last between 4-6 in-game weeks, with content for each game day. This time was chosen to reflect the amount of time a German soldier was expected to stay on the front before being sent back into reserves. At the end of that time there will be various endings available. There will be at least 22 different endings, which totally depends on the way the player plays that game. The will consist of at least three different interactive and exciting settings, like the battlefield, the trench and the hospital. The game also features dynamic, surprising and random events that plays out differently depending on the player’s previous actions and attributes.

The historical accuracy of Kickstarter’s “Fritz” is amazing and totally accurate, as the game is about the First World War, so it is made in such a manner that it’s historical accuracy can not be questioned. During the combat, the players will either be shooting across the battlefield or they will be in close combat in the trench. The characters in the game is fully controlled by the players. They can stand, lie or crouch in the game during the combats and also throughout the game play. The games shooting mechanics are worth it


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