Apple Gives Beats By Dre Workers the Boot

Since Apple’s recent $3B acquisition of Beats By Dre, we haven’t heard too much about the audio company, and Apple haven’t really made any announcements of their plans for the company. However, out of the blue, Apple has made their first move, which involves laying off around 30% of the entire Beats by Dre work force.

According to reports, Apple are preparing to lay off around 200 staff currently working for Beats by Dre. Whilst it’s not 100% clear what jobs have been dropped from the Beats by Dre workforce, the large lay off is likely due to job overlaps within the two companies, and it’s likely the human resources and finances team will be the two departments to take the largest hit.

To make sure things go smoothly for those being laid off, Apple are allegedly providing help and support via a dedicated phone line to help with transitioning to a new job and planning out severance deals.

Following on from this, whilst some employees may have to leave shortly, others have been given the go ahead to stay till the end of the year, so at least Apple are being as nice as they can to employees about the lay offs.

It’s been clear for a while that Apple want to remain an important player in the music industry, especially with their roll out of iTunes Radio and their recent $30 million acqui-hire of Swell, an internet radio app that primarily focuses on talk radio.

However, the $3b purchase of Beats by Dre was a very bold move to take, and it’s not something that Apple would do without truly planning out their future with the audio company. Perhaps we’ll see more information about Apple’s plans for Beats by Dre in the near future. For now though, all products by Beats by Dre are still available, and for the consumer, it’s as if the acquisition never even happened.


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