HTC to Release One M8 with Windows Phone This Coming August 19, 2014

The Taiwanese-based mobile phone producer will unveil its second Windows Phone. To all of those HTC followers this will surely be a treat to them. The beleaguered company appears that they are more than ready and poised to come up with its second date with Windows Phone platform. HTC will soon unravel its One (M8) handset that is driven by the Windows Phone OS. HTC sent out

The company has sent forth invitations for a scheduled event in New York on August 19, 2014 which coincides with the launching of the HTC One (M8) handset powered by the Windows Phone OS.

HTC will quite be anxious with their upcoming offering because their first try at whipping up a smartphone that is powered by a Windows Phone platform didn’t perform well the last time around. Microsoft now erected itself well in the communications industry as it is now the third largest mobile platform in the iOS and Android categories and this will surely give M8 the boosts it needed.

But there lies a big question mark if ever HTC will obtain access to Microsoft just like its rival Nokia. Sony shuns away from the Windows Phone platform but intends to pounce on the Windows Phone platform next year. Samsung almost rolled out phones that are powered by Windows.

The situation now has improved a lot since the One (M8) handset will have an access to the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 which is expected to aid companies set apart their phones with each other as far as software level is concerned.


This development is indeed timely, since this endeavor will surely give HTC the opportunity to gain ground further and fight toe and nail with its competitors and get back their fierce fighting form once again.



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