Kickstarter’s “AquaSphere” Is A Must Try.

Kickstarter’s “AquaSphere” is a research facility station located deep below the ocean’s surface.

The main objective of players in this game is to analyze and recovery a novel kind of crystal and also to conduct further research along with other team members, consisting of a scientist, an engineer, and exploratory submarines. The players have been granted a limited amount of time in the station in which they need to gather as much information as possible. The players will have the access to the latest models of research bots, which they need to program according to the task at hand and use them efficiently in various sectors of the station. The research station comprise of six different sectors in which the scientist conducts experiments and a headquarter where the engineer look after the preparation of bots. In each round the players take several turns and on each turn they either program the bot using the engineer in the headquarter, or have the scientist bring a bot to the sector to perform an action.

What makes kickstarter’s “AquaSphere” different? Well, this game keeps the players busy in many interesting tasks, such as improving the lab, collecting crystal, sending out submarine, etc. Through these actions the players will expand the abilities of the team and will collect knowledge points. These knowledge points are necessary to win the game.

Finally, some advice: The presence of the players will attract octopods and they may break into the station. Players have to remove them promptly in order to stop then, otherwise they may interfere with the bots and obstruct operations.

Kickstarter’s “AquaSphere” consists of 20 Crystals, 15 Octopods, 8 People, 24 Submarines and 64 Robots.

Kickstarter’s “AquaSphere” is a challenging game full of strategy and tactics with different paths to victory. It requires smart planning in advance as well as skillful and efficient use of short term opportunities.


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