“Virus” to be a Kickstarter success

Love experiments? Do you have interest in science and biology? If yes then you will surely love this exciting game “Virus” in which you get a chance to be a mad scientist you always wanted to become. This game is a virus strain building gamein which you get a chance to create a virus that is totally deadly. The main objective of player in the game is to mutate a virus a make it more and more lethal and deadly. The player who makes their virus 100% lethal first wins the game.

Kickstarter’s “Virus” comprises of three different goals which are; Player friendly, deadly fun and Mutate a virus. This card game played quickly with simultaneous gameplay. It is impossible for you to get bored while playing this game as in this game you want have to wait for your turn to and it is simple to learn, understand and play. Even though the subject is serious, this game is deadly fun. It is a game full of funny flavor text so that you can enjoy it with your friends. Each player in the game is attempting their best to mutate their Virus to be the biggest, baddest virus on the table, which adds a competitive flavor in the game and makes it more interesting. Players can add more and more cards to their virus by making new and different virus strains.

The gameplay usually lasts for about 15 minutes or less. This game is playable by 2 to 4 players. If there are more players then you can combine multiple decks. This game is designed for age group 12 and up. The game consists of three different types of cards that the players will use during gameplay. They are simple and easy to understand by design, so you can easily concentrate on building your deadly Virus.



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