Kickstarter’s “Crucible”

“Crucible” is another exciting project on Kickstarter. The game sets out when the race of humanity is almost towards its end. The players have to go back in time to save everyone. In this game, the mankind begins experimenting with time travel, and ends up with disastrous result. All of the mankind disappears in the blink of an eye, except those who were projected by the Crucible, the experimental time travel project. The main objective of players in the game is to go back in time to find where the Al is hiding the copies of the Crucible and destroy it. Above all, save and bring back the humanity!

Kickstarter’s “Crucible” is presented as a top down arcade style game, which features various RPG, exciting and adventure elements in the game without affecting the games performance. With Crucible, death is obvious. If the players want to level up their character and weapons, then they will have to collect experience and parts. If the player dies, they will return to the beginning of the level and resets. Another interesting thing about this game is that, if the level is too hard to play and the player finds it very difficult to beat, then they will automatically gain more power while on the level until they finally beat it.

The game consists of 12 playable characters. Though, you get to start with one player at the start and have to find other hidden characters throughout the game. The game is reported to be playable on iOS, Mac, Pc, Linux and Android devices. This game is simply about having fun and enjoyment. The game features 45 exciting levels in which players get to explore the game. It is reported that the developers will further add more levels in the game. This game is full of surprises, fun and adventures, which make Kickstarter’s “Crucible” a must try.


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