Apple to Acquire Swell Radio App for $30M

It’s got to a point where the big companies seem to find it easier to just completely buy other businesses instead of putting the time into creating a similar service themselves, and it’s something that we’ve seen Google do time and time again. However, recently Apple have been putting more effort into buying certain assets, and whilst they may not have quite the same ‘buy it all’ attitude that Google seem to have had lately, they’re certainly not shy about waving money at certain businesses.

In fact, according to a few reports, Apple are now looking forward to acquiring Swell, an internet radio app, for $30 million. It’s likely the new acquisition of Swell will be used to help further improve the service Apple’s iTunes Radio offers, however, unlike many of Apple’s previous efforts, Swell will focus on talk radio instead of music.

Currently, Swell is used for it’s great coverage of various news stations such as ABC, ESPN the BBC, and a whole range of other networks, and it’s likely Apple’s $30m acquisition of the Swell radio app will lead to some form of integration into Apple’s iTunes Radio service.

Whilst the main Swell radio app will reportedly be shut down by the end of this week, the development team behind Swell will be moved over to Apple’s offices and will continue to work alongside Apple to provide the same services Swell provides, making the $30m deal more of an acqui-hire.

With Apple’s recent purchase of Beats Audio for $3 billion, and Swell’s $30 million acqui-hire, it’s quite clear that Apple are focused on providing more entertainment related content via their smartphones and tablets in the near future.

So far, we’re not sure how long Swell’s radio streaming services will be out of action for, and what kind of service will be made as a result of Apple’s recent acquisition.


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