Instagram Soft Launches their New Messaging App Bolt

It’s pretty safe to say that Snapchat is an extremely popular app. No big surprise. Instagram also has an enormous fanbase, and the company is hoping some of them will make the switch to their new Snapchat competitor called Bolt.instagram.bolt

Instagram Bolt is a messaging app similar to Snapchat whereas you can quickly send out a photo or video to a friend. Swipe a photo away and it’s gone forever, and you can even add a caption if you want to spruce things up a bit. You can add up to 20 favorites from your contact list, and if you happen to send a pic you’d rather have back, you can quickly undo it by shaking your device.

Bolt isn’t a new concept by any means, and Facebook just released a similar app last month called Slingshot. That said, it’s good to have options and Instagram is fully behind Bolt. The bad news is the Bolt app is only available in a few select countries at the moment including Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand.

If you live in one of those regions and have given Instagram Bolt a go, sound off below and let us know what you think. The company hasn’t given a timetable for a global launch, but we expect to see a wider rollout sooner than later.


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