Analysts Suggest iPhone 6 Sapphire-Glass Rumors Are False

A lot of talk surrounding the new Apple iPhone 6 recently has been all about the composition of materials used for the device’s display. Largely down to the leaked alleged prototype devices, speculation about the iPhone 6’s new display have been the only real thing many outlets have had the chance to talk about.

However, despite many believing the new iPhone 6 to come with a sapphire-glass display, recent analysis suggests that this isn’t true at all.

Apple has recently put a large amount of investment into sapphire glass manufacturing facilities in Arizona and Massachusetts, and this lead many to believe even more that the iPhone 6 would come with a full sapphire-glass display, however according to Trendforce’s LEDinside analysts, the sapphire-glass from both of the aforementioned facilities has not been shipped to any manufacturing factories currently working on manufacturing the iPhone 6.

Of course, there’s no way to know whether Trendforce’s latest information is true besides from taking their word for it, and it would seem unlikely that Apple’s manufacturing facilities didn’t have some form of sapphire-glass, considering the Touch ID button on the iPhone 5S is made completely out of sapphire.

It could be possible that Apple have not yet managed to acquire enough sapphire-glass to start mass production of the iPhone 6, so a less sturdy glass based display may be used for the iPhone 6 at launch. Later in the year, or perhaps some time next year, Apple may begin to manufacture iPhone 6’s with sapphire-glass displays like previously rumored.

Whilst recent iterations of smartphone glass has proven to be very sturdy, sapphire is one of the hardest materials in the world, making it an incredibly versatile option for smartphone devices.

The iPhone 6 is expected to release at some point in September, regardless of whether the sapphire-glass displays will be ready on time or not.


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