FRAMED 2.0 brings Digital Art to the Living Room

Art has taken may shapes over the years, and digital art is a type of media that’s getting more popular by the day. You’ve seen the stunning digital screensavers you can get for your laptop or smartphone, but if you want them on the wall, it’s easier said than done. If you have ever seen a killer piece of digital art and want it on your wall, you’ll want to check out FRAMED 2.0 on Kickstarter.

FRAMED 2.0 is a new Kickstarter project from FRM, and it’s a cool way to bring digital art into your home. It’s not unlike other wall-hanging photo frames that let you display pixel art or various pics, but this one has a set of killer features that set it apart from every other digital frame out there.framed 2.0

The display itself is of the FHD variety and it can show 16.7 million colors and has a 180° viewing angle. A quad-core 2.4GHz chip and integrated graphics will handle the pictures, and it’s framed in walnut. FRAME 2.0 also uses various sensors that let you interact with the artwork. It has gesture support and Wi-Fi, but it also sports stereo speakers and has a mic along with a 720p camera.

Things get even cooler when you consider the types of media the FRAME 2.0 can handle. It says “unlimited media types” but we all know that usually isn’t true. The formats listed are Gif, video, flash, animations, open Frameworks, and more. There isn’t a definitive list, but the company states it will “basically” run any format that works in a web browser.framed-2

FRAMED 2.0 is by far one the slickest digital frames we’ve seen, but there are a few catches. As you’d expect, it’s not cheap as the lowest you can get one for is $449 – that’s the 24” model. The 40” limited edition FRAME goes for $1,500 and there are three 55” FRAME’s that go for $10,000 each. They kick in a dinner with that one as well, but you have to fly to Tokyo.

The price is actually fair for what you’re getting, but a major flaw in the product is the fact that it has to be connected to the internet at all times to work. It’s a connected device, so it’s understandable to an extent, but for the price you would expect to be able to use it offline with a microSD card or something. The details are vague on loading photos as well, so we would recommend asking some questions on this one before you plop down your paycheck.

FRAMED 2.0 has annihilated its Kickstarter goal, but there are still 22 days left in the campaign if you want to pick one up. You can find out more about FRAMED at their official site or on the Kickstarter page.


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