Apple iWallet Could Launch Alongside iPhone 6 Release

The rumors for the upcoming iPhone 6 handset are really starting to heat up, and as we get closer to the supposed release date, we keep hearing more about the new Apple smartphone, and the plans Apple have for their new mobile OS version, iOS 8.

A new rumor this week suggests that Apple will finally release their iWallet service alongside the iPhone 6 and iOS 8. As the name suggests, iWallet is a new mobile payment system that will potentially allow iPhone owners to purchase items in-store via their smartphone.

iWallet certainly isn’t the first smartphone-based payment system out there, and even Google have attempted to initiate such a system without much luck. However, if Apple launch iWallet successfully, it could really change the way in-store payments work.

Whilst details are still a little hazy, it’s rumored that the iWallet app will use NFC, BlueTooth, WiFi or a combination of the three to communicate with systems in-store to make payments, and many patents filed by Apple suggest that the system will be secure and worry-free for customers.

Interestingly, it’s rumored that Visa have already partnered up with Apple to offer this service alongside any Visa credit/debit cards.

Whether or not iWallet will be released alongside the iPhone 6 at this point in time is currently unknown, and more importantly, we’re not sure if Apple’s new payment system will catch on, or how widely adopted it will be within it’s launch window. Smartphone payment systems are something that will take a fairly long time to be integrated into stores worldwide, so we may not see iWallet being widely adopted for at least a few years.

It’s exciting to see the potential of iWallet though, and it’s release will signify another milestone for smartphone technology and it’s integration with real life day to day activities and interactions.


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