Kickstarter with another Action Game, “Jotun”

If you love action and adventure, then you’re in luck as Kickstarter’s “Jotun” is an action plus full of adventures and exploration game which will take you on an epic journey through Viking Purgatory. In Jotun, the players play the character of Thora, who was a Norse warrior and has died an inglorious death. The players must face the challenges of Viking purgatory to prove themselves to the Gods and enter Valhalla. Kickstarter’s “Jotun”  features a balanced atmospheric exploration and ferocious combats. The combats in “Jotun” are fast-paced and hard to tackle. The foes in this game are hundred times bigger than the player, but still the players can take them out by using the massive two handed axe.

Fighting the jotun requires great abilities and skills. The ability to dodge projectiles great. In order to stand a chance in the combat the players should use proper positioning and attack at the right moment. The jotun have many attacks and defenses. Recognizing the Jotun’s attacks and defenses is the key to execute your strategy. During the combat, the camera will zoom out in order to give you a full view of the battlefield, which will make fighting more easy.

The controls of the game are easy to understand. John Jotun can be easily played with a keyboard or a gamepad. The basic actions in the game are attack, dodge and move. To avoid traps and incoming attacks from jotun, the player will have to doge efficiently. The players will control their character from a top-down perspective and can explore the world in any direction. The players will have both a fast and a charge up attack. The attack power varies by how long the player holds the attack button.

Kickstarter’s “Jotun” comprises of many exciting features, which includes Epic boss fights, a vast and mysterious world to explore, an overarching story to discover and much more. “Jotun” is available on PC and Mac.


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