Kickstarter introduces “Jenny LeClue”

Jenny LeClue is an Epic 2D, exploration base and full of adventure game including a targeted story, several exciting characters, and mysteries to solve. In kickstarter’s “Jenny LeClue” everything is interactive.

The story of the game features Jenny LeClue who is a young detective, living in the college town of Arthurton. Jenny takes on the case that matters her the most, as it is her mother who is been accused of murdering Dean Strausberry. Jenny soon discovers that the accusation is fake. The story also contains mature themes, complex characters, thrill and an epic tangled mystery to solve. In the game, there are just a few main characters, that plays a vital role, but there are many curious citizens of Arthurton to interact with and investigate.

In this game, the players will get to experience Arthurton, which is an expensive world with many dark corner to explore and mysteries to solve, interesting cases to crack and secrets to uncover. This game is about tap, swipe, run, jump, exploring the abandoned mines, the forgotten graveyard, the mysterious mountains, sneaking into police station and jumping your way around Arthurton to reveal secrets with the flashlight and unravel the mysteries of the deceptively dark town.

Kickstarter’s “Jenny LeClue” give the players a chance to interact in new, refreshing and exciting ways. The dialogue scenes in the game helps the players to explore and discover clues and reveal whether they are the witness or the suspect. The game experience is not just pretty, it is totally alive. The more mini mysteries you will solve, the easier it will become for you to solve the big mysteries.

Kickstarter’s “Jenny LeClue” is supported on Mac, Pc and Linux. Moreover, it is reported the makers will further add more platforms, after the desktop version is released, including  iOS. This game is full of adventures, fun, thrill and suspense which make this game a must try.


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