Exciting Project on Kickstarter “InSomnia”

Kickstarter’s “InSomnia” includes everything that a perfect RPG game should have. This game is full of adventures and fun that will addict the players in no time.

Kickstarter’s “InSomnia” features a Dieselpunk RPG that transports you to a retro-futuristic space station on a journey of 400 years in the search of a new home. In kickstarter’s “InSomnia” the players explore the world as a warrior. This game is full of fun surprises, the players might become a charismatic leader, or maybe an apex predator with eyes full of bloodshot and thrill. In order to survive in the game and find out why mankind has started on such a risky journey, the players will have to show their strength and power. Kickstarter’s “InSomnia” offers an epic non linear storyline with an impressive gameplay.

What makes Kickstarter’s “InSomnia” interesting? Well, this game offers both single player and co-op atmospheric campaign. It also gives the player full control of their character, this means players can customize their avatars fully. Players can aslo develop their character by combining its of skills and abilities. Health in the game is a very important factor that the players need to consider. Extreme weather conditions, starvation and injuries may affect the health of character. In order to survive, the players will have to search for resources and valuable technology. Players can find these in unexpected places.

The character in the game will develop organically. The more the player use a skill, the more the character will develop. As the players gain skills, they can choose different perks and abilities that compliment that particular skill resulting in unique character sets. Other skills include Combat including handguns, ballistics and Vocational including mechanics, electricity, medicine. Each skill in the game contains several specializations to choose from. The players will need to choose carefully that which abilities will make a better fit for their character, as it is not possible to learn all the skills available.

It is reported that “InSomnia” will be playable on Pc, Mac and Linux, and will be available in a wide range of languages including French, Italian, German, English, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Turkish.


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