Black Cloud Studios Brings After Reset RPG On Kickstarter

Are you a sci-fi lover? If yes, then this game is totally for you.

Kickstarter’s “After Reset RPG” is a realistic sci-fi post-apocalyptic role playing game, bought to life by gorgeous visuals, great music and exciting game story. This game is inspired by the original Fallout 1 and 2. After Reset is based on three pillars of great designs from the good old days. In this game the players can expect a post apocalyptic atmosphere, which is developed with a focus on sci-fi realism and has more locations to explore than the previous Fallout 1 and 2 combined. This means that now players can explore more and have more fun. Kickstarter’s “After Reset RPG” also includes a nonlinear story, with the freedom to choose between a ton of branches and endings. In this game the players will also experience the hardcore mechanics in best traditions of D&D. What makes this game more interesting is that there is a system in the game called Sacpic, where players can customize every aspect of their character and make it as they wish.

“After Reset RPG” is not a 1950’s retro apocalypse, but it is much more than that. It is a re-imagined sci-fi one. While the game intends to preserve the mood and atmosphere from Fallout, there will be an emphasis on realism when it comes to the weapons and settings in the game. The arid climate of the Great Desert still holds the remains of a fallen human civilization, which hides many secrets of the Past Era.

For this reason the gamers will be able to recognize the good old world of Fallout in the After Reset which is remade in 3D. Beyond that, the players can also expect an old-school Global Map, in which the ability to explore is limited only by how much water the player have got.

The players can expect real simulation of days while exploring between more than 50 unique and exciting locations. Yes! 50 unique locations. Another thing that makes this game interesting is that the player will also come across wild tribes, bands of raiders, groups of cannibals, slave camps, caravans of traders, groups of fantastic and emerging islands of new order, which are isolated enough to remain neutral. The players will also be immersed in an atmosphere of savage tribes like in Mad Max.


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