Kickstarter’s Brings Another Amazing Project, “TerraTech”

Are you creative? Do you love building stuff? If yes, then this game is for you. Kickstarter’s “TerraTech” lets you build, harvest, fight, fly and drive. Players can build crazy vehicles of their own desire out of modular blocks. This game also includes enemies,  players can eliminate the enemies by shooting blocks at them, and also by destroying their cockpits. Players can also scavenge their dropped blocks to make their vehicles bigger, faster and more stronger. This game simply let you build anything you can imagine, be it a heavy battle tanks, flying carpet bombers, or a fast scout vehicle. Building the vehicles out of blocks is very easy. Players just have to drop and drag them into the position. There are no clunky menu screens or hidden build modes to get in the way, and make the game difficult to understand.

Kickstarter’s “TerraTech” also lets you design, build and organize a fleet of different unique vehicles that leads the players towards the victory as they battle their way across the lawless frontiers of new alien worlds in a quest for glory and profit. Players will have to expand their turf and take out as many enemy bases as possible to secure the position on each planet. The rarest resources  will help build the best kit.

The players will also engage in the heated battles and combats. The enemies use the same blocks as the players does. In order to win, the players will have to fight efficiently. Players can also equip their vehicles with all kinds of weapons that will help them win. These includes machine guns, cannons, lasers, mortars and much more. kickstarter’s “TerraTech” is a game full of enjoyment and thrill, player get to do many things which keeps the player busy and gives a fun filled experience


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