Kickstarter Brings “Antidote” To Its List

Good news for card game lovers. Kickstarter presents a deadly fun card game, “Antidote”

Antidote Antdote is a semi-cooperatve game, which is playable by 2 to 6 players. In the game the players deduce the antidote by discovering which toxic formula card has been removed from the deck. Each turn the players will either trade, discard, or steal cards. To make the game interesting players have to pay close attention to what other players ask for in trades and watch what’s been discarded. Everything said or done may lead you closer to the truth.

Each turn you discard, your hand will get smaller and “tme” will run out. Make sure the Antidote is your last card!

This game eliminates long periods of “down-time” between turns and no player will get bored as every turn involves every player. Whether it is making trades for important information or declassifying the valuable research, all players are continuously engaged in the game. Another factor that makes the game experience more fulfilling and adds a feeling of tension and excitement is that players control the pace of the game. If the players know the answer, then they can speed up the game towards its conclusion, but if not… well, don’t get anxious as one is going to wait for you to figure it out.

The ending of Kickstarter’s “Antidote” is every exciting and surprising. No player in the game is 100% sure about what the Antidote is by the end of the game. The revealing of Antidote often comes with a shout of joy, laugh and other fun expressions.

The kickstarter edition of “Antidote” contains 1 game box, 1 full color rule book, 6 syringe cards, 56 formula cards, 8 X cards,  8 ID badgeds, 4 player aid cards, 3 placebo cards, 3 clinical trail cards, 8 lab romance cards and 1 kickstarter exclusive turn marker card.

Kickstarter’s “Antidote” will be the second published game by designer Dennis Hoyle, whose first game was Drop Site, which was very successful and also won the Premio Archimede Carta Mundi Special Prize for the best card game of 2010.


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