Inflation RPG Review

The whole one-tap craze has started making its way to other genres, and RPG’s are a perfect fit with games with MinuteQuest and Inflation RPG. The latter is a game we’ve spent a lot of time with lately, and after burning through countless batteries, we’re back to give you the lowdown on Tatsuki’s Inflation RPG.inflation rpg

RPG’s typically require you to grind your way through countless monsters while leveling up and unlocking new abilities. Inflation RPG takes that formula and kicks it into overdrive as you can go from level 1 to level 100 in just a few taps. It doesn’t take long to bring your character up to level 2000, but it’s only temporary as almost everything gets reset after just 30 turns.

Each battle will set you back 1 turn, and the only things you can carry over to the next run are your equipment and abilities. The battles are on autopilot and usually over in 10 seconds, but you can pause and purchase some health mid-battle if you’re in a pinch. Once the battle is over, you can spend any ability points you’ve earned on health, attack, defense, agility or luck.

The regions of Inflation RPG are broken down by levels, and you’re free to wonder wherever you please. If you wander into an area labeled 1500 when you’re only 900, you can reap big rewards if you win. If you lose, it’ll cost you several turns so you’ll want to be careful. There’s a monster meter that redlines right before you’re attacked, but other than that there’s no warning. Just random encounters and some very nasty bosses.inflation rpg

By the numbers, Inflation RPG offers up 53 weapons, 21 pieces of armor and 55 accessories. I have no idea how many maps or areas there are, but have made it past a few bosses, and there seems to be loads of depth. The same goes for the monsters. Lots of variety with the baddies and you’ll encounter some strange creatures along the way.

Inflation RPG is a game built for speed, and while most games will be over in under 10 minutes, you’ll spend hours with the game before you realize it. It may be a bit mindless, but there’s definitely some strategy involved if you want to maximize your profits and go a little further each time out. I highly recommend this one, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Inflation RPG


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