Is iPhone 6 Front Glass Panel Sapphire-Glass Material a fail?

Rumors, you just can’t get away from them, can you Apple? However, this year round, it’s not all just rumors. Many mobile industry content providers have managed to get their hands on prototype iPhone 6 models, and most interestingly, actual front screens allegedly being used in production for the iPhone 6.

W’ere not sure who’s spilled the beans on this one, but so far, dozens of videos have made it to the web showing off the strength of the supposed iPhone 6 front glass panel, and it’s managed taken some pretty extreme measures to get the display to take damage. In every day environments, tests from around the internet have shown that the iPhone 6 should pretty much be able to hold up to anything, including car keys, spare change, and perhaps even the occasional drop to the ground.

However, there is one material that seems to completely destroy the iPhone 6 front glass panel, and that material is sandpaper. Marques Brownlee, a well known Youtube content creator who covers news in the mobile industry recently put the iPhone 6 front glass panel up against a sheet of garnet sandpaper, and it came back with some surprising results. Despite being softer than pure sapphire, the sandpaper still managed to scratch the iPhone 6 front glass panel.

Interestingly, the touch sensitive home button on the iPhone 5S was not scratched in Brownlee’s tests, which would mean this particular area is made out of pure sapphire, instead of a sapphire-glass blend like the rest of the iPhone 6 front panel.

It was first believed that the iPhone 6 front glass panel was manufactured out of pure sapphire crystals, made from aluminum oxide powder, however Marques Brownlee’s tests suggest that the screen may be a blend of both sapphire and glass, which would explain how a material softer than pure sapphire could possibly scratch the iPhone 6 display.



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