Another brilliant game project on Kickstarter; ‘Core Worlds Digital’

Fellow gamers! If you liked the previous Core Worlds Deck-building card game then you will love Kickstarter’s “Core Worlds Digital” which is full of excitement and is based on the original Core Worlds deck-building card game.

In this game each player will control a barbarian empire and will invade worlds and draft new units and tactics into their empire throughout the game. Each unit and world acquired by the player is worth a certain number of empire points. The player with most empire points at the end of the game will be the winner of the game.

In “Core Worls Digital” throughout the game, new tactics are drawn from the five Galactic Decks in the central zone, which is the game’s common play area. These draftable items also includes new units and tactics that the players can draft into their Empires, as well as the worlds that players can conquer and invade.

Each player represents an Empire which consists of all of the cards in his hand such as draw pile, discard pile, and Warzone. Each World in this game possesses a Fleet Strength that represents the starships that defends it from the attack.

To invade a world successfully, the player must match the World’s Fleet Strength. Each world also includes a ground strength which represents the infantry and other different ground forces that defends it from surface assault.

If the players want to add new Worlds to his Empire then they must launch Invasions. Playes perform invasions by discarding enough units from the Warzone in combination with any tactics to match the Fleet Strength and Ground Strength of the World that the player is invading.

Another interesting thing about “Core Worlds Digital” is that it includes multiplayer support via Game Center.  Core Worlds Digital takes an easy set up and play approach that appeals to both avid and casual gamers and enables anyone to have fun.



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