Zombicide introducing board game Season 3- Kickstarter

Zombicide is one of the best and addicting board game. It is  game with its season 3 including new zombies, new mechanics, new survivors and even pvp rules.

In this new season the world is even more woen down,  food is scarce, buildings are dilapidated and medicine supply is short. Zombicide season 3: Rue Morgue is playable for 1 to 12 players, ages 12 and up. What makes Zombicide Season 3 different is that it is 100% compatible with all other Zombicide products. Moreover, Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue also introduces many new terrifying yet fun zombie type like Crawlers, Skinner Zombies and the A-Bomb Abomination.

The A-Bomb Abomination is a great new addition in Zombicidem. Its elongated arms can easily drag the players back to it as they try to escape, which makes the game very interesting

In this new season of Zombicide the players control the teams of survivors as they fight off a zombie horde, which is controlled by the game itself. The survivors will find weapons, and get to battle with zombies through which they gain experience. Gaining experience is a bery important part of this game. The more experience the player gets, the more powerful they become. But this has an ugly side too. The more experienced the player is, the more zombies it will attract.

Another thing which makes this game interesting is the Team Action cards. These cards allow survivors of the same team to eliminate a single action simultaneously. Teams can also go toe to toe to see which set of survivors really deserve to survive in the game. This amazing game comes with 80 zombie miniatures, 9 double sided tiles, 12 survivor miniatures with ID cards, 92 tokens, 155 cards including 48 zombie cards, 86 Equipment cards, 12 wounded cards and 9 team cards. It also contains a dice, tent cards, experience trackers, and a Rulebook.




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