New name, Same game: Honor & Duty- Kickstarter Edition

Great news for gamers! Indie Boards and Cards, a company which was started in 2009 as an independent publisher of great game designs have introduced another master piece. ‘Honor & Duty- Kickstarter Edition’ previously called Call of Duty – Kickstarter Edition is a special version of the upcoming Flash Point expansion. Gamers would love this one, because it is one of the most interesting game concepts that has introduced on kickstarter until now, this year. It is reported that Honor & Duty – Kickstarter Edition will only be limited to 4,500 copies initially; this means that gamers will have to hurry and pledge In order to get a copy of the game. Yup, the cool part is, in this new package Indie Boards and Cards have included a new exciting thing, which is a double sided game board with a subway station disaster on one side of the board and an airplane fire on the opposite side of the board. Along with this exciting feature they have also added detailed institutions and new game markers that will make the game easy to understand and fun to play. What make this kickstarter edition different is that it includes a new specialist card, which is the fire prevention officer. This double side game board comes with a basement and an alternative Attic, these Attic and Basement board in the Kickstarter Edition will require the extreme danger expansion. Moreover, it is reported that the game cannot be played without the base game which is Flash Point: Fire Rescue, which is another successful game by the same company. After success of many games such as The Resistance, released by the popular Indie Boards and Cards, gamers now have many expectations from this company. It is reported that Honor & Duty Kickstarter Edition will be the ‘best selling game of the year’. This much awaited game is a must play and if you are interested in helping this game become a reality and get your hands on it asap. You can visit kickstarter official page and show your support for this game!


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