Disparity Games brings exciting Kickstarter project: ‘Ninja Pizza Girl’

Love Adventure? Big jumps, huge drops and high paced games which drive you crazy? Here is an exciting news for speed lovers!

In the news, Kickstarter’s ‘Ninja Pizza Girl’ is game of a teenage girl Gemma who is a sixteen years old, trying to keep her dreams alive, despite facing the most merciless enemies known to any teenage girl.

This game is about emotional resilience, bullying and most importantly pizza delivering ninjas. It is all about freedom and fun for the speed runners! Pace that makes you shout on top of your throat, ‘WOOHHOOO!!!’


Basically, ‘Ninja Pizza Girl’ draws inspiration from Mirrors Edge and Sonic the Hedgehog. It is a level based game which again explores emotional resilience, bullying and the importance of boundaries.

What makes Ninja Pizza Girl interesting? Well, it highlights the themes of real relevance that are ignored by the video game industries these days. But above all, this game is very welcoming and anyone can easily play, because it is just so full of exhilaration and joy. Challenging part is, it is tough to master.

Each level of Ninja Pizza Girl offers an experience of exciting jumps, exhilarating falls, and routes that offers to chase a perfect run. If the player miss a jump or fail a platform section then the player will have to face a fall into a path that will be slower and low scoring, but it would also be easier to play. This experience seamlessly adjusts to player’s skill level. In addition, it also produces deep game levels that are exciting to replay and explore.


In Ninja Pizza Girl instead of tracking the player’s physical health, it tracks something far more relevant and different, that is the ability to deal with the problems life throws at you. Hurting yourself while facing situations is miserable and annoying, but sometimes the player has to  deal with it. With these ups and downs, the color of the game world changes from colorful to grey.


But if the player gets hurt in front the fellow ninjas then the rival ninjas will all stop and laugh at the player. On the other hand, when player spent some time running fast and landing smooth jumps, then he will get in the zone and runs like a wind.


According to the company, they believe that the tinge of reality in the game has an influential affect on the minds of the player to make them stronger to face real world challenges. 

Good news is, Disparity Games is planning to release ‘Ninja Pizza Girl’ in March 2015. It would be available on Mac, PC, iOS and even in Android. According to them, with your cooperation and support on Kickstarter, Ninja Pizza Girl would be released soon. 



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