GoTenna lets you use your Smartphone with No Signal

As great as technology is, we still can’t get around dead spots. Bad cell reception has plagued us all at some point in time, but that may be a thing of the past thanks to GoTenna. The gadget will let you use your phone when there’s no signal, but as with all cool things, there’s a bit of a catch.

GoTenna works in a way similar to a walkie-talkie as it allows you to create a “closed network” of sorts by using low-frequency radio waves. You won’t be able to call just anyone when you have no bars though, only people in your group with a GoTenna. You can send private messages to a group of users or individuals as well. Emergencies are where the GoTenna really shines though as the device will allow you to send out a distress call of sorts so that anyone in range with a GoTenna can come to your aid.gotenna


As for the range, it depends on where you’re attempting to use it. Just like cellphones, the signal is going to be limited around certain types of structures, but it can still ride the radio waves for a few miles. The battery life is fair when in use but outstanding when turned off. The company claims the GoTenna can go for 30 hours on a charge if you leave it on all the time or 72 hours if you use it here and there. When turned totally off, the device can hold a charge for over a year.

The GoTenna obviously isn’t going to be a device for everyone, but it would be ideal for big concerts or events, camping or emergency situations where you can’t get a signal. The gadgets are sold in pairs, and you can pick a set up for a limited time at $149. After the pre-order period is over, the price goes up to $299 so you you’ll want to pick up a set on the cheap while you can. You can find out more about the GoTenna at the company’s official site.


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