Amazon Launches Kindle Unlimited Subscription Service for e-Books


Many of us hear about subscription for digital media such as movies and songs. Plethora of sites offers media services free or at low cost. In this competitive digital market, it is quite difficult for book publishers to come in limelight. The companies like Scribd and Oyster are already offering plenty of free or cheap documents. However, big companies were not joining the battle in this regard. Well, Amazon is the first renowned startup to take a leap in this competitive market of offering low cost services.

According to the tech blog GigaOM, Amazon is going to launch an e-book subscription service called as Kindle Unlimited that would provide the users with a large collection of e-books accompanied with thousands of audio-books. This amazing service would cost users just $9.99 per month.

The publishing industry has long been looking forward to introducing its aces in the market as stated by Michael Shatzkin of publishing consultant Idea Logical. One of the big guns is Amazon due to its huge range of customers, while the other one is Penguin Random House due to its large collection of books.

The publishers of books are quite suspicious about the subscription models. They could easily have annual spending on books at $120. This amount is far less than that spent by heavy readers purchasing books one at a time. According to Shatzkin, the startups like Scribd have offered quite attractive subscriptions to authors for adding their manuscripts to their libraries. Amazon will prove to be a tough competitor of its smaller rivals, having larger collection of books than theirs.


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