Quick Review: Timberman from Digital Melody

There’s a new twitch game in town that fans of Flappy Bird are going to dig, and it goes by the name of Timberman. It’s all about chopping wood, and after spending countless frustrating hours with the game, we’re back to give you the lowdown.timberman

Timberman is about a lumberjack who likes to chop wood. There’s no backstory to follow, but the burly fellow sure does love to swing his axe.  The goal of the game is to simply chop wood for as long as humanly possible, and you’ll do that by tapping on the left or right side of the screen. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

The tree in Timberman is endless, so there are no levels to deal with which means there are no breaks in the action. The difficulty comes into play with the tree branches and timer. The game is over if you get cracked with a branch, so you constantly have to switch from one side to the other… while keeping tabs on the clock. Each time you whack the tree you’ll get a little time back, but you’ll still bite the dust eventually.

As for the extras, Timberman has several unlockable characters including the aptly named Green Shirt and some unusual folks like Mr. Tree, Mr. President, and Lazy Bird. You can unlock the characters by hitting chop goals or scores, but you also have the option to unlock them all for $1.09. There are also some leaderboards, but good luck breaking into the Top 10.

Timberman is similar to Flappy Bird as both games require quick reflexes and endless amounts of patience. I have neither unfortunately, so I didn’t make it very far in the game. That said, I did have a blast attempting to chop wood, and you will too.

Timberman is free to download for Android and iOS.


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