Galaxy Core 2 Budget Device By Samsung Released in India

It really isn’t all that exciting to hear about new Samsung smartphone releases, as quite frankly they release more handsets than anyone can keep track of. However, keeping an eye on Samsung’s releases can often spell out exactly what the company plans next, and that’s always interesting to learn about.

Just this week, Samsung quietly released the Galaxy Core 2 into the Indian market for a Rs. 11,900 price tag, which roughly equates to just less than $200 off-contract. Just like the first device in the series, which originally went on sale for Rs. 15,960 last year, the Galaxy Core 2 is a budget handset targeted at those without a huge amount of money to spend on high end smartphone products.

It’s been clear for a while now that many manufacturers have started to shift their efforts a little; flagship sales aren’t performing as well as expected for Samsung this year, and because of this Samsung have put their work into other areas, especially emerging markets across the globe.

The Galaxy Core 2 is a very budget device at heart; inside the Core 2, you’ll be able to find a quad core 1.2GHz processor, just 768MB of RAM, a 5 megapixel auto-focus primary camera and 0.3 megapixel VGA front facing camera. The Galaxy Core 2 will only come with 4GB of internal storage, however a micro SD card slot is present on the device, allowing owners to purchase expandable storage up to 64GB.

The Samsung Galaxy Core 2 is a perfect example of a budget device that Samsung are working hard to make it easy to smartphones into the hands of those without one, and it shows that manufacturers are now pushing for emerging markets like poorer regions in India or Africa.

The quiet launch of the Galaxy Core 2 in India suggests that Samsung aren’t putting too much of a marketing effort into the device, and it’s unlikely we’ll see the device ever make it to North America or Europe. However, we may see similar spec devices from Samsung in the near future.


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