iPhone 6 Launch Likely To Be Delayed Till 2015


Rumors are all over the place that Apple is going to reveal its next masterpiece, the iPhone 6 in September this year. The most exciting thing about the new iPhone is its large 5.5 inch display. We also know that there is another version of iPhone 6 to be released by Apple, having 4.7 inch display.

But we have a bad news for the Apple fans who were waiting anxiously for their beloved next Apple pie. Latest news leaks have almost confirmed that there is a delay in the production of 5.5 inch version of iPhone 6. This delay will push the release of iPhone 6 to the next year. The rumors about production problem were given by KGI securities analyst, Ming Chi Kuo. This man has released these types of rumors about Apple before, and most of these rumors were accurate.

Kou said that the 5.5 inch version also has production issues. The causes of these issues are the new technology of the device’s touch panel and the uneven coloring of the new back metal case. Of course for the larger screen in 5.5 inch version, the problem with the new technology is even more complicated according to Kuo. He also said that the increased size of the in-cell touch panel causes problems in the touch sensitivity of the panel near its edges.

Kuo also said that there will be a new scratch resistant Sapphire glass of 5.5 inches which will pass the drop test. This is expected to be better than gorilla (gorilla glass has been best till now for scratch free screening). Some experts are also predicting that Apple will launch both the versions of iPhone 6 next year.

Other than the problems with the production of iPhone 6, there are also problems in release of iWatch. But none of the possibilities of release of iPhone 6 this year were completely ruled out by Kuo. So we can still hope to see a release of iPhone 6 soon.


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