Galaxy S6 Concept Video Released

The mobile industry has always been so fast that it’s become normal to expect “the next best thing” literally days after big flagships are released, and it’s this constant looking forward to the near future that drives the incredibly fast development pace of smartphones in the industry.

Whilst we haven’t really heard anything official about the Galaxy S6 thus far, one concept designer by the name of Jermaine Smit has imagined what they believe could be the next upcoming Samsung flagship in an epicly detailed Galaxy S6 concept video.

In the Galaxy S6 concept video, Jermaine first shows off a 360 degree perspective on the concept device, showing off the screen, it’s bezels, the button layout and incredibly thin frame.

The Galaxy S6 concept video focuses on the curved display of the new device, however the curve is very minimal, making it almost unnoticeable to the human eye.

After showing a few angles of the Galaxy S6 concept device in action, Jermaine Smit listed some hardware specifications he hopes to see in the next Samsung flagship. Along with a 64-bit 5433 Exynos processor, 4GB of RAM has been included in this device, and it has been packed with 4.5 Android L.

Whilst 4GB of RAM has said to be possible in the very near future, it’s important to note that many of 2014’s flagships still only carry 2GB of RAM, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, so we’re not sure whether 4GB will make it into smartphones next year or not. We’ve expected a shift to 64-bit CPUs for a while now, too, but once again it’s unclear whether the Galaxy S6 will be the first Android flagship device to hold such architecture.

Either way, Jermaine Smit has imagined the very best for Samsung in the Galaxy S6 concept video, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the real S6 isn’t too far off from the concept device.

You can watch the Galaxy S6 concept video below.




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