Qualcomm acquires Wilocity to boost wireless performance

This week, mobile CPU manufacturer Qualcomm purchased WiGig company Wilocity. This acquisition was  the company’s attempt to expand their wireless network and boost the networking and performance capabilities of Qualcomm processors.

As of right now, neither Qualcomm or Wilocity have stated how much money was involved in the purchase. Despite the lack of information of the specific details of the acquisition, many are suggesting Qualcomm purchased the Israeli start-up company for $300 million. However, this is still a rough estimate.

Qualcomm president Amir Faintuch explained the purpose behind the acquisition. He stated, “WiGig will play an important role in Qualcomm’s strategy to address consumers’ increasingly sophisticated smartphone, tablet and computing requirements to support applications—such as immediate streaming of 4K video and high throughput peer-to-peer communication to enable the next generation of social interactions between users sharing content.”

This information has many consumers optimistic about the future of networking. However, this technology is still years away from being released in consumer level devices. What this acquisition does show is what we can expect in the future and it shows Qualcomm are looking forward with their processors.

Currently, the WiGig technology can provide for theoretical download speeds up to 7 Gbps, though there’s no way this technology will be made available to consumers in the next few years due to sheer cost. This means people won’t be streaming 4K video for a while. However, as seen with ever cheapening 4K displays, the technology will get to the point where it is effective enough and cheap enough to be made available to the public.

It should be noted that Qualcomm did say that some of the WiGig technology will be available through the Snapdragon 810 processor. Qualcomm stated, “As a result,  the next generation of smartphones and tablets will offer exciting new streaming, synching and storage capabilities.”


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