Samsung and Apple dominate US smartphone market in May

Tech research firm comScore have released their quarterly smartphone market share figures for the month of May. The data reveals a great deal of information in terms of OS market share and smartphone market shares overall.

Starting with mobile operating systems, Android is still on top, holding 52% of the US smartphone market share. This shows barely any change in the overall standing of Android in the US. iOS trails in second with 41.9% market share, though the OS did grow slightly due to decreases in the prevalence of smaller OS such as Blackberry and Symbian.

Microsoft holds a 3.4% market share followed by Blackberry with 2.3% and Symbian coming up the rear at 0.1%. Unfortunately, this data shows that Symbian and Blackberry are almost completely irrelevant, at least in the US. This is to be expected as Blackberry has been struggling to keep up with Android and iOS while Symbian has basically been non existent for a few years. Microsoft hasn’t seen any growth in Windows Phone OS either as the February report from comScore showed that Microsoft’s market share was also at 3.4%

Moving onto the OEM’s, Apple remain on top in the US with a 41.9% market share in . Samsung follows with 27.8% of the market. These two companies combined make up the majority of the smartphone market. LG, Motorola and HTC close out the top 5 at 6.5%, 6.3% and 5.1% respectively.

The report stated that both Apple and Samsung saw growth in this period. It’s very likely that the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 bolstered the market share for Samsung the company stated they have already sold over 10 million units worldwide. Apple has always remained strong in the US and many western markets with the iPhone, thought the growth was a surprise to some degree.

Motorola held their smartphone market share while LG and HTC saw a small decrease in their market share which is unfortunate considering the universal acclaim both companies received for their recently released flagships. Both the LG G3 and HTC One M8 have received praise from numerous outlets, with many claiming the devices were some of the best Android smartphones on the market.


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