Murdered: Soul Suspect developer Airtight Games reportedly shut down

According to a report from Geekwire, independent developer Airtight Games have shut down their Redmond studio. This news comes less than a month after the release of their latest game Murdered: Soul Suspect, which shopped for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Geekwire stated they visited the developer’s Redmond, Washington studio where equipment was being sold massively discounted. Posted outside of the studio was a sign stating the company were closing their doors. Airtight Games haven’t officially made a comment on the supposed closure, so it is still speculation. However, Gamespot stated they received a “mail delivery failed” message when reaching out to the developers.

Recently, the studio has been undergoing substantial change. In April, 14 jobs were cut as part of a “necessary restructuring” of the company. Airtight Games were also seeking out new partners to release their future games. Murdered: Soul Suspect was published by Square Enix, but the studio remained independent.

The reason behind this closure is unknown. However, many are speculating as to the reason behind the closure of the studio. One possibility is that Murdered: Soul Suspect did not perform as expected. The game released to very mixed reviews, averaging a 60 on Metacritic for the PS4 version.

The game also appears to be selling rather poorly, which seems like the most likely reason behind the shut down of the studio. According to VGChartz, the title has only sold 200,000 copies across all platforms as of June 21 which even for a next gen game is pretty low.

Airtight Games opened back in 2004. The developer worked on a number of games, including Quantum Conundrum in 2012 which was designed by Portal’s Kim Swift. The studio is best known for their 2010 action game Dark Void, published by Capcom. If this closure is true, it’s highly likely Airtight Games will officially comment on the matter over the coming days.


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