GM recalling 474,000 vehicles including Sierra due to software issues

On Friday, General Motors announced they would be recalling a total of 474,000 motor vehicles worldwide. The reason behind this recall is to fix potentially flawed software within the vehicles. Of these vehicles, many of them are selling very well for the company. Though the recall is worldwide, the majority of vehicles being recalled were sold within North America.

GM described the issues the recall hopes to alleviate. The vehicles being recalled are suffering from a software malfunction that is able to shift the transmission into neutral. This can cause a vehicle to turn off while in use or potentially roll away when parked. Dealers will re-calibrate the software to fix this issue. Fortunately, no crashes related to these issues listed prior have been reported according to GM.

GM announced three recalls involving multiple types of GM vehicles.  According to the Associated Press, the Chevrolet Silverado and the top selling GMC Sierra pickup truck are the most heavily affected, accounting for 467,000 of the vehicles to be recalled. The GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe are also being recalled.

Chevrolet SS and Caprice police cars were also announced to be part of separate recalls on Friday. Both vehicles are suffering from faulty windshield wiper modules. The teeth within the modules can be stripped, resulting in wiper failure.

Similarly, GM announced they would be recalling 2,000 2014 Chevrolet Corvettes with the FE1 or FE3 suspension systems. The rear shock absorbers part of the vehicle’s suspension systems will be inspected for flaws.

With the announcement of these recalls, GM has lifted their grand total for the year up to 48 recalls, affecting more than 20 million vehicles. This doubles their previous recall record set in 2004 with the recall of 10.75 million vehicles. GM has also agreed to pay a $35 million fine for delaying repairs on their vehicles for nearly a decade. This is still under criminal investigation from the Justice Department.

These recalls are also one of many recently announced recalls. It was only recently that Toyota announced massive recalls for their vehicles sold in Japan.



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