Apple iPhone 6 may be released in September

The rumored release date for the Apple iPhone 6 has firmed up today, changing from a vague autumn debut to a purported date of September 19th. This is also the same time that the tech giant plans to release Apple’s new iOS 8, which the iPhone 6 will purportedly use.

Various rumors have been swirling around regarding the release of the iPhone 6. Back in March of this year, a Russian Apple employee stated that the new smartphone would arrive in September. A Telekom customer service representative from Germany stated much of the same. A tech site in China discovered that the iPhone 6 may have different storage sizes ranging between 32 and 63 gigabytes.

At this point, while the storage size of the iPhone 6 remains a mystery, it does appear that there will be two different screen devices for customers to choose from, a 4.7 or 5.5-inch model. The two phones may be retailed at the same time. The reason for these differing sizes has to do with the smartphone competition on the market. The more compact 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is meant to lure shoppers away from the Samsung Galaxy S5 while the 5.5-inch model is meant to entice Samsung Galaxy Note 3 fans.

Both the size of the device and the storage size will affect the prices of the upcoming iPhone 6. While unconfirmed, Gotta Be Mobile suggests a loose estimate would see users paying about $200 for a 4.7-inch, 32GB model and about $300 for a 5.5-inch, 32GB model. Prices may also hover around $300 for a 4.7-inch, 64GB device and around $400 for a 5.5-inch, 64GB smartphone.

Regardless of which size that customers will prefer, both iPhones are said to tout a much thinner shape that measures out to be about six millimeters. The device is also rumored to have body curvature rather than the straight and boxy designs of iPhones past, but this is still unconfirmed.

The September release date for both sizes of iPhone 6 does fit in with the timeframe from news site Bloomberg that states that the devices will be manufactured beginning next month. Apple also plans to tack on at least 100,000 employees during this time and in preparation for the debut of the new iPhone and the frenzy of its release.

The purported release date also falls within the fourth quarter for 2014 for Apple. Generally, the brand releases products to at least gauge a weekend or two of buy rates around this time of year. Last year, it sold more than nine million iPhones during this quarter, and back in 2012, the number was over five million.


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