Amazon Fire Phone specifications and software features

As was expected, Amazon officially unveiled their long rumored Fire Phone at their event in Seattle this morning. The Fire Phone marks the company’s first step into the highly saturated smartphone market. However, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sated they were trying to build a “better smartphone” in the Fire Phone, and while the Fire Phone is very similar to other devices such as the iPhone, it is sporting some neat features.

In terms of the design of the Fire Phone, there isn’t anything remarkable to see at face value. When you did deeper, the real differences appear. The device does look sleek. It closely resembles the iPhone in it’s overall form factor and design. The Fire Phone features Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and back with a rubber frame in the middle. The Fire Phone features a 4.7 inch IPS LCD display which can get very bright.

Inside, the device is sporting a Snapdragon 800 with the Adreno 330 GPU along with 2GB of ram. The Fire Phone features a 13 MP back facing camera with a 2.1 megapixel forward facing camera. The device should last all day with it’s 2,400mAh battery and is also sporting dual stereo speakers. Finally, the Fire Phone is running off Fire OS 3.5.0. The phone will be available through AT&T exclusively.

While the internals of the device aren’t exactly mind-blowing since devices from last year featured similar specs, they appear to be adequate. What’s more important is if the OS will be optimized for the Fire Phone, which it no doubt will be. What Amazon is nailing right now is their software support.

Amazon is expecting users to be taking lots of pictures. In a very generous move, the company is allowing for unlimited photo storage through Amazon’s cloud service. Amazon is also including the recently announced Prime Music service to the Fire Phone. The service itself offers millions of songs users can stream to their device.

Amazon is also hoping to attract customers through the promise of a strong app library. While the Amazon App Store isn’t even comparable to the App Store or Google Play Store, it still features 240,000 apps. With HBO Go, Netflix and Hulu Plus to name a few, the Fire Phone will still have the entertainment support found on the Kindle line of tablets.

It’s pretty clear that Amazon aren’t messing around with the Fire Phone. The company is making what appears to be a premium device that will allure customers in due to a wide range of useful software features that distinguish the phone from Android and iOS counterparts. While the Amazon Fire Phone will likely have it’s problems, from first glance this is set to be a strong launch into the smartphone market for Amazon.



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