Apple iMac now available starting from $1,099 USD

Apple quietly revealed that the iMac is now more accessible than ever before. Apple will be releasing a lower end iMac model priced at $1,099 USD starting today. Prior to this announcement, the cheapest iMac started at $1,299. This model featured a reasonably powerful 2.7 GHZ quad core Intel Core i5 processor.

The new iMac is to feature a 21.5 inch display. Inside, the desktop will have a 1.4 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor. Alongside this is 8GB of RAM and 500 GB of internal storage. The new iMac is available not only to US customers, but also Apple users in the UK and Australia. The new model is priced at £899 and$1,349 AU respectively.

The new iMac itself is not a redesign, rather just a new option. The iMac has had the same all-in-one design since 2012 and the last new iteration of the line was last September with the introduction of Haswell based Intel processors and Nvidia graphics processors. The online Apple Store was down for today as the company began to list this new iMac on the store.

This reveal comes shortly after Apple’s WWDC event earlier in the month. Since WWDC is focused on software, it’s not surprising this new iMac didn’t debut at the event. However, Apple did focus a lot on hardware at the show last year. Apple revealed the new MacBook Air running Intel’s Haswell based CPU at their event last year alongside the redesigned Mac Pro.

While rumors suggested that a new Retina line of iMacs would debut at the Computex Trade Show in Taiwan this month, people shouldn’t lose hope for a new line of iMac’s this year. With Intel’s Broadwell chip set to release this year as a successor to the Haswell line of processors, it seems very likely that a new Retina model of iMac’s will release this year, hopefully with a cheaper, more accessible model such as this new one.


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