Samsung to buy Nuance to create their own Siri

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Nuance Communications have put themselves on sale, available for purchase from any person or company. As of right now, Samsung is slated to be the most likely to purchase the company.

Nuance Communications are a speech recognition specialist. The company has provided a number of voice recognition services to various companies. One such company is Apple, who used the services of Nuance to develop their patented voice recognition program Siri. Siri has been on every iPhone since the iPhone 4.

Ever since these acquisition rumors arose, Nuance stocks skyrocketed by nearly 10 percent. This has pushed the company’s capitalization to approximately $6 billion USD. While this is quite a large amount of money, Samsung definitely has the buying power.

It was only last year that Samsung clearly stated they are planning to acquire more companies in order to expand their network. Samsung currently holds $60 billion in cash, which is more than enough to acquire a company such as Nuance.

Whether or not this would be a worthy venture for Samsung is questionable. While voice recognition software on Samsung devices have never been particularly useful, Samsung is a massive company with a huge R&D department. They could very easily invest in a stronger voice recognition suite without resorting to the acquisition of a company.

However, Nuance creates much more than purely voice recognition software. The company also creates text-to-speech services, visualization tools, virtual assistants and many more useful services. All of these would add a great deal of value to any company, Samsung included.

It should be noted that companies such as Nintendo and Panasonic have utilized Nuance’s services frequently in the past, who could be potential buyers themselves. If Samsung are indeed purchasing Nuance, consumers will likely hear the official announcement very soon. If this is the case, the new software Nuance could be working on may make it’s debut on the Galaxy Note 4 later this year.


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