Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S5 cases

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great device. With an absolutely beautiful display and excellent internals, it’s no surprise that the Galaxy S5 is as popular as it’s predecessors and as competitive against Apple devices. With all of that said, many smartphone users want to protect their device as much as possible, which is where phone cases come in.

There are a large number of phone cases available for the Galaxy S5, all of them with advantages and disadvantages. With so many options available, it’s hard for consumers to pick the right case. To help those people, here is a list for the 10 best Galaxy S5 cases in no particular order.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Official S View Cover

galaxy s5 s view cover

Kicking it off is the official Galaxy S5 case from Samsung themselves. The S View cover allows one to use their smartphone without even needing to open the device. The cover allows users to access important information such as the time, weather, missed calls and text messages. Covers such as this have become more predominant, and for good reason. This case is a great choice.

Stand Folio Case

case mate folio flip case for galaxy s5

From Case-Mate comes a very interesting and useful cover for the Galaxy S5. It is multi-functional, acting as both a cover and a stand. Using the stand is very convenient for watching videos or surfing the web and as it’s from Case-Mate, it’s premium and non-obtrusive. While it’s somewhat expensive at $40 on the official website, it’s elegance makes it more than worth the price.

i-Blason Armorbox Case

i-Blason Armorbox galaxy s5 Case

If you drop your phone all the time, this cover is for you. The Armorbox Case is dual layered. It features a Polycarbonate shell on the outside with a flexible TPU on the inside. The case is rock solid, built to last and best of all, truly protects your Galaxy S5. Not to mention that the case itself looks beastly. Available in four colours directly off Amazon, the Armorbox Case is as strong as they come.

Fall Fashion Wallet Case

galaxy s5 wallet case

For those who want a wallet and a high end smartphone, this is the perfect case. The Fall Fashion Wallet Case is the best wallet case available for the Galaxy S5. It’s sleek, elegantly designed and very flexible, serving as not only a case but also a kickstand. Best of all, the case is available for only $7 on Amazon, making it’s value nearly unparalleled.

Spigen Slim Armor

spigen slim armor galaxy s5

This next case is for owners who want covers as minimal as possible. The Spigen Slim Armor case features two layered protection and features a glossy finish that looks great. What’s most appealing about the case is how well it blends with the Galaxy S5. It’s not obtrusive and makes the perfect fit, and for $24.99 on Amazon, it isn’t expensive either.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

galaxy s5 neo hybrid

Another premium case from Spigen, the Neo Hybrid case just looks great. The case itself is designed for optimal shock absorbtion, which means the case is build ready to protect your device. The back side of the cover is more grippy than the Galaxy S5 itself, which ensures that the cover is kept from being damaged. Nobody would want to damage this cover, and for $29.99 on Amazon, this case is a steal.

i-Blason Galaxy S5 Kickstand Case

i blason kickstand for galaxy s5

Integrated kickstands are awesome, and the i-Blason Kickstand Case proves why. With a fully integrated kickstand, the cover is great for media consumption. More importantly, the case doesn’t compromise protection capabilities. With a polycarbonate shell for shock absorption, the case is rock solid and looks great, making it a great choice for heavy media consumers and butterfigners.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

The Ultra Hybrid Case is simple, yet looks amazing on the Galaxy S5. It’s a clean, simple clear case that doesn’t obstruct the effort put in by engineers to make the Galaxy 5 look the way it does. It also just make the device stand out while providing ultimate protection. For about $12, it’s hard to pass up this case if you want to still look at your Galaxy S5 the way it was intended to be.

Obliq Xtreme Pro

obliq xtreme pro case for galaxy s5

Blending an excellent design and protection, the Obliq Xtreme Pro is definitely extreme. Even though the case is sporting dual layers, it’s still ridiculously thin and light, weighing less than 5 ounces. Even if this wasn’t the case the cover itself looks great and feels premium. This cover is an excellent choice.

InvisibleShield Samsung Galaxy S5 Protector

galaxy s5 invisible shield

The final case on this list is as minimalist as cases come. Essentially a screen protector, the InvisibleShield doesn’t compromise the design of the Galaxy S5 in any way. The cover is still dust proof, scratch resistand and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s no surprise then that the case is insanely popular, and for $14.99 on the InvisibleShield website, the deal is too good to pass up.


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