Google Fiber is officially making it’s way to Portland

This week, the Portland City Council approved a franchise agreement with Google to bring the Google Fiber service to Portland. Apparently, Google will be offering the Google Fiber internet service to Portland residents for a one time fee of $300. After that payment, the service will be free. This is a trade-off for the city dropping a three percent fee levied on internet service provider Comcast.

While the service will be making it’s way to Portland, not all parts of the city will be able to access Google Fiber. However, the goal right now is to determine the level of demand in certain areas of the city before rolling out the service across Portland.

PC Mag reported that Google is investigating this interest by analyzing the number of people who sign up for different internet plans based on speed. For example, basic internet at 5 Mbps as opposed to more expensive premium services with much faster download speeds.

In order to accommodate the Google Fiber service in Portland, the company will have to pay a five percent franchise fee on video revenues. Google will also have to provide free internet service to nonprofit organizations and free Wi-Fi networks across various parts of Portland.

However, the Google Fiber roll out is not completely set for the entire city. Some apartment communities are locked into exclusive deals with other major ISP’s such as Verizon, Comcast or Time Warner. In order to install Google Fiber in to those buildings, Google would have to negotiate with the ISP’s directly. This could potentially take a lot of time and stall the roll out of the service. These negotiations would also have to be done on a case-by-case basis.

Even with all of these obstructions in the way of the project, Google Fiber is definitely gaining speed. Portland is one of a few cities set to receive Google Fiber over the coming years, which will provide for massive internet download and upload speeds.


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