Twitter mobile app update allows users to embed tweets in new tweets

Twitter is set to begin the distribution of a new update that will allow users to embed tweets within new tweets via the mobile application. This update is rolling out to both iOS and Android devices as the company continues to strengthen the mobile version of the popular social networking site.

A user is able to embed a tweet by dropping the URL of the tweet within the new tweet text box that is currently being used to compose the tweet. Once this tweet is posted publicly, the embedded tweet will actually be shown as a full tweet rather than just a hyperlink to the original tweet. According to The Next Web, Twitter did not mention whether or not this would be a permanent update or simply a trial.

Enabling this feature will fundamentally change how a tweet can be composed on Twitter. With this feature, a user can simply embed a tweet within their own post instead of having to retweet said post. A user will still be able to post up to the 140 character limit. The goal of this update is to make the home page on mobile devices less clustered, which is probably will succeed at.

However, Engadget stated the new feature may not appear in the “What’s New” section of the app on the iTunes and Google Play Store. This is because the launch of this update has yet to be officially confirmed by Twitter themselves. Engadget also speculated that the addition may only be temporary. Twitter will likely want to trial this addition before coming to a decision on whether or not it should be permanent.

Recent reports have also speculated that Twitter will be enabling another embedding feature in trial form. Twitter is supposedly set to enable embedding of videos into tweets using a hashtag via a mobile version of the social network.

All of these changes are ultimately good for the website. Many companies know mobile support is vital to the success of any given platform, especially when it comes to social media. By adding new features that make the mobile version of  Twitter easier and more flexible to use, Twitter may be able to attract more users to the service.


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