iPhone 6 leaked pictures reveal 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch models

iPhone 6 leaks seem to just occur on a regular basis. A number of leaked images have surfaced over the last week. These reveal very interesting details regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. On Thursday in particular, Taiwanese pop star Jimmy Lin posted some photos of the iPhone 6 online via his Weibo account.

These images appear to correlate perfectly to recent rumors regarding the size of the iPhone 6. The pictures suggests that Apple will indeed be launching two versions of the iPhone 6. One will be 4.7 inches while the other will be much larger at 5.5 inches, more closely resembling a phablet such as the very popular Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Images were also posted by Sonny Dickson, a notorious phone leaker. Dickson has had experience leaking previous iPhone models correctly. He previously leaked images of the iPhone 5C prior to launch that turned out to be legitimate.

Surprisingly, Dickson contacted a Forbes journalist, stating the images leaked by Jimmy Lin were fake. He told the journalist, “The [iPhone 6] is clearly a dummy, all his leaks are fake and nothing he has posted was real.”

The iPhone 6 images that have been leaked are very clear. Normally, leaked images are obscured or blurry, but these images are quite good. While they don’t really reveal a great deal in terms of the resolution or specs of the devices, they do give a fairly solid indication of the sizes of these devices, which are noticeably larger than previous iPhones.

However, sources close to the development of the iPhone 6 have previously stated the devices will sport a resolution of 1704 X 960 and will use Sapphire glass. Aside from that, the internal specifications are still unknown. Whether or not these new phones will feature the A8 chip is still a mystery.

These leaked images are quite compelling. The devices still retain the iconic design of an iPhone with the single home button and solid build quality. The only real difference externally is the screen size. If Apple is indeed releasing an iPhone 6 model with a 5.5 inch display, that indicates Apple is directly targeting Samsung who dominate that market with the highly successful Galaxy Note 3.


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