First Firefox OS smartphone to release for $25 in July this year

On Thurdsay, Spice Retail announced that they will launch the first Mozilla Firefox OS based smartphone this year beginning July. The manufacturer partnered with Mozilla to produce and release the smartphone. The smartphone itself was designed specifically to target the low to mid range consumer at an affordable price point.

Spice Retail chairman Dilip Modi stated, “These phones will be aggressively priced to ensure everyone can enjoy and experience the power of the Spice Firefox OS phone.”

As application support is vital to the success of a given mobile platform, Mozilla has already confirmed applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest among others will be available via the Firefox Marketplace for Firefox OS devices.

Mozilla initially announced their plans to enter the smartphone market back in February at the Mobile World Congress. Aside from Spice, Mozilla has also teamed up with a number of different companies to release more Firefox OS powered smartphones. Similarly, Mozilla has partnered with 22 mobile operators including Telefonica, China Unicom and SingTel to help distribute Firefox OS smartphones worldwide.

One of the other manufacturers to produce Firefox OS smartphones is Intex. In a recent interaction with ET, Sanjay Kumar Kalirona, Intex Technologies’ business head for mobile phones stated the devices would sell for about Rs 1,800 and Rs 2,000 which is equivalent to approximately $25.

The device is slated to feature a 3.5 inch display, 128 MB RAM and 256 MB of internal storage as well as dual SIM support. These are very anemic specs. However given the price point of the device, this is to be expected.

Whether or not the Firefox OS and it’s line of smartphones will catch on is a mystery as of now. The devices were long rumored prior to the initial announcement back in February. Firefox may be smart to target the budget user before diving head first into the high end flagship market dominated by competitors such as Apple, Samsung and HTC to name a few.


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