Toyota recalls nearly 650,000 vehicles to fix airbag issues

Toyota is recalling nearly 650,000 vehicles across Japan to fix problems with the front passenger airbag and it’s inflators, This marks the second recall announced and implemented by Toyota over the last year. Toyota was involved with a 2013 safety recall of over 2.14 million vehicles. This initial recall was based on incomplete serial numbers from Takata Corp, the parts supplier for a number of Toyota vehicles.

This second recall involves notifying the owners of some vehicles that were part of the 2013 recall. The inflators in question contained poorly made propellant which had the potential to cause airbags to work abnormally and potentially malfunction. These inflators could cause fires if a crash were to occur. Needless to say, this issue needed to be amicably resolved.

This information was discovered by Toyota through the report of a major burn on a seat cover due to a faulty airbag deployment. It’s likely the airbag issue was identical to what has been stated by Toyota themselves.

Approximately 20 Toyota models are to be involved in this recall, including Corolla compacts and Tundra pickups initially manufactured between 2003-20004. About 380,000 Toyota vehicles inspected last year did not receive new airbag inflators and are being recalled. The plan is to install these new inflators to prevent any potential issues. For the most part, these are older Toyota vehicles initially released between 2000-2004.

Toyota has suffered major public image problems with an overwhelming number of recalls over the last few years, all founded on major safety issues that could have potentially had devastating consequences.

It was only in April last year that three major Japanese car manufacturers, including Toyota, Nissan and Honda recalled nearly 3.4 million vehicles worldwide due to airbag issues effecting older model cars. Toyota truly needs to rebuild their reputation after it was really shattered by all of these major malfunctions and recalls.


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