The Legend of Zelda Wii U revealed with 2015 release

After months of waiting, Nintendo finally revealed the first footage of The Legend Of Zelda on Wii U along with a release window of 2015. The footage was shown at the Nintendo Digital Event for E3 2014 and was presented by Eiji Aunoma of Nintendo.

While the reveal itself was quite short, a lot of information was revealed through the gameplay shown and the information from Aunoma himself. It seems as though the next Zelda is going to be a completely open world that features non linear  level progression which has been absent from Zelda for many years.

Aunoma stated that the transition to 3D made it more difficult to create what felt like a vast world. However in this Zelda, players will be able to access areas via a number of different paths as opposed to just one. Aunoma said “this departure will create opportunities for new gameplay that has not been experienced in previous Zelda games.”

The game itself looked incredible. The next Zelda appears to be taking a page from Skyward Sword and continuing with the more vivid and less realistic art style first introduced in The Wind Waker. This may have disappointed those hoping for an ultra-realistic Zelda game, but this art style will definitely help the title age better.

The trailer demonstrated the graphical power the Wii U is packing. While the console is not as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One, the next Zelda featured some really impressive lighting and particle effects. The explosions looked incredible and the colorful, bright nature of the title made it a visual treat.

The last shot of the trailer showing Link firing a bow has lead some to believe that Link may in fact be a female this time around. It’s difficult to tell effectively based on the shot, so hopefully Nintendo will tell gamers more very soon.

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will undoubtedly boost the sales of the system. It’s been shown with Mario Kart 8 that the selling strength of Nintendo’s big exclusives are nearly unparalleled and there’s no question that the trailer for Zelda Wii U while short, is one of the standouts of what has been an otherwise underwhelming E3 on the whole.


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