Google Chrome now most popular web browser in the U.S.

Popular internet browser Google Chrome is more popular than most people even realized. According to recently released figures, Google’s search engine has overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the most popular internet browser in the United States.

Currently, 31.8 percent of internet users are running Google Chrome which according to a report published by the Adobe Digital Index is up 6 percent on the previous year. Oppositely, Internet Explorer was down 6 percent from the previous year. Despite this drop, Internet Explorer is only narrowly trailing Chrome with a market share of 30.9 percent.

These figures combine both traffic from desktop and mobile devices. This explains why both Chrome and Apple’s very own Safari have grown dramatically over the last few years. With more web browsing occurring on mobile devices through both iOS and Android, it’s no surprise that both web browsers have seen such growth.

Google's Chrome browser has overtaken Microsoft Internet Explorer as the most popular Web interface in the U.S. While Microsoft still maintains a prominent desktop presence (see graph), its lack of market among mobile browsers has seen it pipped by Chrome, which is sitting just in front with 31.8 percent

Internet Explorer has seen a steady decline in popularity over the last 6 years. Before Chrome was launched, Internet Explorer had a massive market share sitting around 80 percent, with the only popular substitute being the much more flexible and faster Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has unfortunately taken a hit from the success of Chrome and Safari. According to these figures, Firefox has seen a decline from 20 percent market share only two years ago to only 8.7 percent in April this year. The ADI states that the lack of mobile presence has hindered Firefox and dropped them from a consistent second place runner to a distant fourth place.

While Safari has become increasingly popular with the success of iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad, Android encompasses more devices and Chrome still remains the more popular choice on desktop computers. The Chrome Web Store has also assisted the popularity of Chrome as a web browser.

Chrome OS is also becoming more predominant within the PC space. While Chrome OS isn’t nearly as comprehensive as Windows or OS X, Chromebooks remain as high sellers through online distributors such as Amazon.




    • WC says

      It’s a great browser. You’ll love some of the extensions and apps that can be incorporated. There is an IE emulator that will run on a separate tab within Chrome. MS is fading into a legacy status.

  1. WC says

    Been using Google Chrome for some time now. I really like it. I’ve incorporated some wonderful extensions and apps into the browser, including, an IE emulator that runs within Chrome in its own tab. MS is becoming so legacy.

  2. Scott says

    What the reports don’t say is that Safari on iOS is a very different browser than what is available for PCs or Macs. It also doesn’t say the Chrome download on iOS is Chrome at all, it’s Safari with some Chrome features like sync. So, this leaves the question: What is the most popular desktop browser? Should be Chrome or Firefox, but it’s probably still IE unfortunately. You rarely get much choice of browsers on your mobile device, but where you can actually decide would be more interesting. Like on the desktop, so aggregating the mobile devices into the graph hides what is going on with desktops.

  3. ro says

    The fact that IE has remained the most popular in the face of blatantly superior alternatives for so long is pretty mortifying.

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