Amazon announcing smartphone at June 18 event

Numerous rumors have been arising over recent weeks regarding Amazon. A number of sources have stated that Amazon is currently working on a smartphone, with some of these rumors dating back months. However when it comes to suggesting that Amazon is working on a smartphone, Amazon themselves may have given the biggest hint of all.

On Wednesday, the company sent out a confusing video and invitation. Amazon has invited multiple people to Seattle on June 18 for a “launch event” which many expect to be the debut of the Amazon smartphone. The last time Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon hosted an event, it was the unveiling of the Kindle.

A short YouTube video was released by the company that is very suspicious. In this video, people appear to be in awe of an object off screen. A number of the people claimed “It’s incomparable to anything I’ve seen.” The people also appear to be moving their heads around to view the object from different angles. This is very interesting, as it has lead many to believe that the device in question may have a 3D screen.

Even though it’s never been officially confirmed, many have believed for a very long time that Amazon has been working on a smartphone, and who could blame them. The smartphone market is absolutely huge and brimming with potential. The sheer number of people who own smartphones is staggering, and with growth continuing, most technology companies want a piece of the pie.

The 3D screen that may be a part of the Amazon smartphone is very interesting. While 3D is ultimately a fad and not a real game changer, more features aren’t something to complain about. Considering the market is beginning to stagnate, innovation is important and if Amazon could deliver a really solid 3D display, it may draw other customers in.

The biggest challenge Amazon will have to face is the competition. Apple and Google dominate the smartphone market in terms of OS and it seems unlikely that the Amazon smartphone will run on Android considering the Kindle.

Both of these mobile ecosystems have a huge back catalog of applications which are essential for a successful platform. If Amazon do announce their smartphone at this event, the company will not only need to convince people their device is top notch, but they will also need to prove they are fully ready to support their platform.


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