4K monitors could be cheaper than $400 by end of year

According to Intel, the price of a 4K monitor could fall below $400 by the end of the year. Intel is currently working with ViewSonic and PTV who sell monitors under the Envision and AOC brands to produce monitors. The partnership aims to produce budget 4K monitors further into the year in the hopes of bringing 4k to the forefront faster than initially expected.

This news was revealed by Kirk Skaugen, the senior vice president and general manager of the PC client group at Intel during a press conference at the Computex Trade Show in Tapei. Intel also announced they were working with MSI and other companies to manufacture 4K all-in-one PC’s to be sold for $999 or less. The other companies partnering with Intel to produce sub $1000 4K devices includes Mitac, Loop, Hibertek and Wibtec.

Intel didn’t go into specifics as to how they will reduce the prices of 4K monitors. However, Skaugen stated the demand for such displays will increase over the next few wears with computing turning into a much more visual experience, as shown by consumer demand for pixel dense displays. The Thunderbolt technology from Intel already features 4K support.

4K monitors sport a 3840×2160 resolution, displaying four times the amount of pixels found on a 1080p HD monitor or TV. As of right now, 1080p is the standard for most TV’s and monitors. People who have viewed 4k displays describe an unparalleled level of visual clarity, which is to be expected from such high resolution displays.

There was a substantial amount of hype generated around these displays through CES over the last few years. However, when first announced, the actual likelihood of an average consumer purchasing a 4k display seemed very far off, with prices in the tens of thousands. However in recent years, the prices of 4k displays have dropped significantly, with some monitors currently selling for $699.

4K has also become more prominent within the mobile market. While displays haven’t reached that stage yet, a number of devices including the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3 are able to record in 4K. With this news in mind, it’s safe to say that 4K is coming faster than many of us expected.


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